The Quality Policy pursued by Giuseppe F.lli BONAITI s.r.l. is based on the principle that the development and application of the „Quality Management System“, in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001, represents an important factor of excellence and competitiveness of the Company.
Analyzed the context in which our company is operating, in line with the strategic corporate guidelines, the General Management of Giuseppe  F.lli BONAITI s.r.l. has established the following fundamental guidelines:

  1. the organization must strive to understand the present and future needs of customers, with the aim of providing a quality level equal to or higher than the expected quality;
  2. the organization must engage in continuous improvement activities to pursue the strategic objectives of the company;
  3. the organization must commit to making decisions and taking actions based on analysis of real facts, balancing them with experience and intuition;
  4. the organization must undertake to implement, complete and consolidate the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

To comply with this, the Management undertakes to:

  •  take responsibility for the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • set challenging goals and targets that create a clear vision of the organizations future
  • provide staff with the necessary resources, training and freedom to act responsibly
  • promote communication between the different levels of the organization
  • take into account the needs of all stakeholders, including customers, property, staff, suppliers, local communities and the community in general
  • promote the process approach and risk-based thinking.

In order for these objectives to be achieved and maintained, the following are envisaged:

  • effective internal communications also with specific regular meetings at various levels
  • technical and quality improvement plans
  • involvement of selected suppliers and external collaborators in the Company Quality policies
  • internal and external audits and audits on the Sis theme of Quality Management.

As part of the policy and strategies for quality, Giuseppe F.lli BONAITI s.r.l. it therefore pursues the following
PRIORITY OBJECTIVES – defined on clearly identified and measurable parameters :

  1. Implement prudent governance related to developments in the COVID-19 emergency
  2. Ensure accuracy and timeliness in customer service
  3. Focus sales on products with high added value.

These objectives are contained in the planning and improvement documents, which represent the main
management tools to translate and implement the principles of Quality and to control the processes, their
effectiveness and monitor the objectives set.

Calolziocorte, October 2020                                  THE MANAGEMENT